Beauty and Youth Kit
Beauty and Youth Kit

Beauty and Youth Kit

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In just two steps these magic drops will radically change the state of your skin.

The signs of aging are more evident from the age of 30, blemishes on the face, wrinkles and a lack of collagen begin to be noticed if not We have beauty and youth routines.

Mainly spots are a nightmare for many people, they are caused by pregnancy, excessive sun exposure, genetics or hormonal changes, these marks can be brown in color or black affecting the natural tone of the skin and even the self-esteem of the people who suffer from them.

Learn about the power of the Elixir by La maga Beauty and Youth kit, which will change the history of your skin.

The “Beauty and Youth” Kit includes:

  • Immortal Rejuvenating cream / mixed-oily skin, improves the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines, combats loss of elasticity, provides a feeling of softness and improves collagen synthesis in your face while unifying its natural tone
  • REFORMULATED Clarifying Illuminating Toner: Lightens blemishes, dries pimples and blackheads, controls oily skin and evens out the natural skin tone. Be careful! You should only use it at night.

    Did you know that…

    Spots are the excessive production of melanin in the skin, they appear due to excessive sun exposure, pimples or blackheads, hormonal changes, pregnancy or bad habits. It is important to clarify that stains are not erased nor are they permanently removed, each skin is a different world and each stain has unique characteristics such as age and depth.

    In fact, there is no product on the market that permanently removes stains.

    Our anti-blemish products, among them the Brightening Illuminating Toner, which is the most powerful depigmentation agent in our line, are intended to illuminate and even out the natural skin tone, allowing blemishes to improve their appearance. We must also take into account that if we are careless they can reappear, the ideal is to adapt care routines to control them and that they do not worsen.

    Throughout these 5 years we have received thousands of testimonials from people who have obtained incredible results and have improved the condition of their skin.

    -Previene el envejecimiento.
    -Rellena arrugas profundas.
    -Humecta y suaviza las líneas de expresión.
    -Ultra hidratante.
    -Ayuda a aclarar manchas y ojeras.
    -Unifica el tono natural.
    -Controla el exceso de grasa y previene granos y espinillas.
    -Reactiva el aspecto luminoso y de juventud en tu piel.


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