Conoce los diferentes fototipos de piel con Elixir by La Maga | Elixir by La Maga

Get to know the different skin phototypes with Elixir by La Maga

We have always classified the skin according to its condition, that is: combination, oily, dry or normal. However, there is a much broader classification to understand its reaction to solar radiation. The first thing you should know is that a skin phototype is defined as the ability of each person's skin to adapt to the sun, as well as the characteristics that determine whether a skin manages to tan or not, how and to what degree it does. .

Types of skin phototypes

There are six phototypes that range from I to VI and are commonly classified according to the theory of Dr. Fitzpatrick (renowned American dermatologist, listed as the most influential of the last 100 years).

Skin phototype 1

  • Very white and even pinkish skin.
  • Red hair and light eyes.
  • Have very visible moles or freckles.
  • He doesn't tan, he just burns.
  • It is highly sensitive.

Skin phototype 2

  • White or light skin.
  • Red or blonde hair.
  • They may or may not have freckles.
  • Light eyes.
  • They burn easily but can tan slightly.
  • It is sensitive.

Skin phototype 3

  • Light brown skin.
  • Light or medium brown hair.
  • No freckles.
  • Brown or honey colored eyes.
  • They tan in a tan tone.
  • Normal sensitivity to sunlight.

Skin phototype 4

  • Dark skins.
  • Very dark brown hair.
  • No freckles.
  • Brown or black eyes.
  • They need very intense sun exposure to get burned.
  • High tolerance to sun exposure.

​​Skin phototype 5

  • Brown skin.
  • Dark brown hair.
  • No freckles.
  • Brown eyes.
  • They tan more easily.
  • Burns are only generated if there is long exposure to the sun.

Skin phototype 6

  • Black skin.
  • Black hair.
  • No freckles.
  • Black eyes.
  • They don't burn.
  • Very high tolerance to sun exposure.

Create an anti-blemish routine for all skin types

There are two healthy practices that greatly improve the appearance of your skin, reduce existing blemishes and protect it from the appearance of new blemishes. At Elixir by La Maga we offer you two simple steps to achieve this:
  • Use sunscreen: No matter what your skin phototype is, you should always use a sunscreen that covers you from the sun and from the damage that its rays can cause. Sunscreen acts like a screen that cares for and blocks the passage of the sun's harmful rays.
  • Improves the appearance of your skin: In the night routine it is important to use a depigmenting agent that allows you to keep your skin without spots. That is why we present our depigmenting toner that not only removes skin blemishes, but also improves imperfections and regulates acne on your face.