Brightening Brightening Toner

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Brightening Toner

Brightens, clarifies and rejuvenates your skin

illuminates, clears and rejuvenates the skin


Its formula with lightening properties allows it to rejuvenate the skin, gradually unifying its tone and natural shine.

Its purpose is to lighten and fade imperfections such as blemishes, dark circles, prevent pimples, pimples and control excess oil. It is ideal for all skin types.


  • Helps lighten blemishes and dark circles.
  • Unifies the natural skin tone.
  • Controls excess fat.
  • Prevents and dries pimples and blackheads
  • Reactivate the luminous and youthful appearance of your skin.

How to use:

Normal skin:

The first five days, apply 10 drops on a moistened cotton ball. From the sixth day, do not moisten the cotton ball and increase by 2 drops each day, until reaching 24 drops and continue like this indefinitely.

Sensitive skin:

The first five days, apply 5 drops on a moistened cotton ball. From the sixth day, do not moisten the cotton ball and increase by 2 drops each day, until reaching 15 drops and continue like this indefinitely.

If you need to moisturize your skin, you should do it 20 minutes after applying the toner, with your favorite cream, oil or serum. The next day you should wash your face well with Facial Cleansing Gel and apply Anti-Dark Spot Sunscreen.

Watch out! you should not apply the Brightening Illuminating Toner directly on the skin, in addition it is possible that some skin initially presents a slight outbreak or redness, in this case you should drink a lot of water, moisturize the skin several times a day and always use sunscreen.

The Clarifying Illuminating Tonic is not a treatment, it is a basic product for daily night use.

Remember that it's not quantity but consistency!


Niacinamide: known as vitamin B3, it has lightening, anti-inflammatory properties, improves the condition and luminosity of your skin, reducing expression lines. It also helps regulate fat production, improves the skin's barrier function, due to its antioxidant and lightening effect, it also reduces wrinkles and is compatible with all skin types.

Papaya extract: contains an enzyme called papain that is a powerful lightener, fades spots and freckles, helps to give the skin a uniform tone so that it looks much younger.

Arbutin: Natural ingredient, obtained from blackberries or blueberries, the wonderful thing about these products is that they inhibit the activity of tyrosine, an enzyme that produces melanin.

Willow extract: Natural extract that regenerates the skin, reduces spots on the skin, improves firmness and gives luminosity.

Salicylic acid: Prevents and improves the appearance of blemishes, pimples and acne. Ideal for controlling fat.

Citric Acid: Helps both clean the pores and keep them closed. Moisturizes, gives elasticity and improves the appearance of blemishes thanks to vitamin C.

Azelaic acid: Derived from rye, wheat and barley, is one of the most powerful acids to depigment the skin and improve acne , it has properties anti-inflammatory and very effective on skin with rosacea

Ascorbic acid: or also called vitamin C, it has antioxidant, lightening, healing and tightening properties.

Remember that:

The spots are the excessive production of melanin in the skin, they appear due to excess sun, acne, hormonal changes, pregnancy, planning methods, certain medications or bad habits. It is important to clarify that the stains are not erased or permanently removed, each skin is a different world and each stain has unique characteristics such as age and depth. In fact, there is no product that removes stains permanently.

Our anti-blemish line, and within it the Clarifying Illuminating Tonic is the most powerful depigmenting agent, its purpose is to illuminate and even out the natural tone of the skin, which allows the blemishes to improve their appearance. We must also bear in mind that if we are not careful they can reappear, the ideal is to adapt care routines to control them and that they do not get worse.

Over these 5 years we have received thousands of testimonials from people who have obtained incredible results and have improved the condition of their skin.




I loved the depigmenting toner. I saw results very fast. It unifies the skin tone in a wonderful way and leaves your skin very luminous. I just loved it

<transcy>Paola Alzate<div><br></div></transcy>
Medellin Colombia

This product is the best. It's the first time I use it and I love it. Does what it says. It lightened and toned my skin tone, I'm a No 1 fan of this brand.

Paula Castro
Bogota Colombia

I have tried many products and only with this line did I find the results I wanted. My skin looks smooth, clear without expression lines, I wouldn't change them for anything.

<transcy>Tatiana Saab<div><br></div></transcy>
<transcy>Miami, USA<div><br></div></transcy>

I've been using the brand for a few days and the truth is that it's incredible. My skin has changed, it looks brighter and my blemishes and acne have diminished, they are the best on the market.

<transcy>Daniela Barragan<div><br></div></transcy>
<transcy>Envigado, Antioquia<div><br></div></transcy>


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