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Rejuvenate your face naturally

We combine the incredible anti-aging properties of our Gua Sha - Beauty Stone with the benefits of Natural Oil - Anti-aging oil, so that your skin maintains its bright, healthy and youthful appearance. With this kit you will be able to practice facial massages and enjoy its multiple benefits.

the kit includes:

  1. (1) Gua Sha - Beauty Stone: This innovative #BeautyTool adapts to the contour of your face to better define the oval, reaffirm it and lift the features in a short time. Available only in the shade 💗 Glow (rose quartz)

  1. (1) Natural Oil - Anti-aging Oil: Natural Oil Anti-aging Oil: prevents aging, moisturizes the skin and fills in wrinkles. necessary to slide the Gua sha on your skin and be able to perform the massage


  1. Muscle Toning: The Gua Sha or stone for beauty works as an excellent muscle toner. Thanks to its flattened shape and the way it is cut, the skin can be toned. Gravity and the passage of time cause the skin to lose its natural tone and begin to look more flaccid, which is why facial massage with Gua Sha helps improve the appearance of the different contours of the face. Gua sha considerably improves the muscle tone of the face, thanks to constant daily facial massage. You must add it as an additional step in your daily beauty routine and be constant in its use. Remember that it is not quantity but consistency that ensures effective results.
  2. Blood circulation: by massaging the face and stimulating the movements of the skin, the muscles receive a stimulus that encourages blood circulation. In the same way, microcirculation in the skin is also stimulated, which helps activate blood flow and improve aspects of health and appearance. Blood circulation from the stimulation of Gua Sha helps stimulate the circulation of nutrients on the skin, it favors blood oxygenation and promotes cell turnover, in addition to favoring the natural processes of the facial skin.
  3. Anti-wrinkle beauty routine: for Elixir by La Maga, the most important thing is your experience with our products and beauty tools. That's why we recommend creating your own daily beauty routine. It depends on that consistency in use and the correct application works for you and for the needs of your skin. The Gua Sha is a beauty tool that favors the disappearance of wrinkles and furrows that appear due to the gestures that we have on the face. That includes frowning or even smiling. Our beauty stone will promote the appearance and health of the skin on your face, achieving a smooth and beautiful complexion as you implement your beauty routine.
  4. How to massage with Gua Sha

The most important thing is to keep in mind that facial massage with Gua Sha is not an invasive procedure, it should not generate bruises or redness on your skin, it should be a relaxing procedure that generates a feeling of well-being and freshness on your skin.



    I loved the depigmenting toner. I saw results very fast. It unifies the skin tone in a wonderful way and leaves your skin very luminous. I just loved it

    <transcy>Paola Alzate<div><br></div></transcy>
    Medellin Colombia

    This product is the best. It's the first time I use it and I love it. Does what it says. It lightened and toned my skin tone, I'm a No 1 fan of this brand.

    Paula Castro
    Bogota Colombia

    I have tried many products and only with this line did I find the results I wanted. My skin looks smooth, clear without expression lines, I wouldn't change them for anything.

    <transcy>Tatiana Saab<div><br></div></transcy>
    <transcy>Miami, USA<div><br></div></transcy>

    I've been using the brand for a few days and the truth is that it's incredible. My skin has changed, it looks brighter and my blemishes and acne have diminished, they are the best on the market.

    <transcy>Daniela Barragan<div><br></div></transcy>
    <transcy>Envigado, Antioquia<div><br></div></transcy>


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