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Proper and deep cleansing is the secret to success in having porcelain skin,
This cleansing ritual consists of cleansing the skin twice. First of all, with oil to remove makeup, sunscreen, pollutants and excess oil, only oil-based products can dissolve products with oil-based components such as makeup

and the second step you must use the Cleansing Gel that completely removes water-soluble dirt such as sweat, sebum remains from the first step and thus you will avoid clogging of the pores.

This simple method will only take a few more minutes and the benefits will be more than remarkable: a healthy, smooth appearance of skin, luminous and will make your skin feel fresher than ever.

- Removes excess oil.
- Helps unclog pores and remove dead cells
- Improves the effectiveness of other products and increases the penetration of their active ingredients
-Prevents the accumulation of sebum and bacteria that cause acne
- Your skin will feel softer and fresher than ever

First step make-up remover oil:
Start with dry hands and dry face. Shake the product and apply 1-2 pushes in the palm of your hand, then massage the skin in gentle circular motions all over the face. Then with the tips of your fingers, gently insist on the eye area and on the eyelids to remove the shadow and the lash. Finally, rinse with plenty of water, preferably cold, the oil will emulsify, melting away makeup and impurities effortlessly..

Second step Cleansing Gel: With a damp face Apply the Cleansing Gel and massage gently to remove impurities . Remove it with plenty of cold water.

-Remueve el exceso de grasa.
-Ayuda a desobstruir los poros y retirar las células muertas.
-Mejora la eficacia de los otros productos y aumenta la penetración de sus principios activos
-Previene la acumulación de sebo y bacterias que son los que generan acné.
-Sentirás la piel más suave y fresca que nunca.