How to lighten spots on the face? Learn with Elixir by La Maga

NEW FORMULA ✨: Lighten your spots, without spending more!

Over the last few years, at Elixir by La Maga ® we have dedicated ourselves to researching and designing highly effective solutions for every need and skin type. With the expansion of our facial line and the arrival of new beauty tools, we had important discoveries that will allow us to further raise the quality of your self-care rituals and spaces. That is why at Elixir by La Maga we have improved the formula of our depigmenting toner, ensuring that we deliver a fully enhanced product for dark spots, blemish removal and facial illumination.

Our star product, the

Brightening Brightening Toner

was reformulated to increase its - properties -

anti-stains and softeners.

New Assets


Also known as vitamin B3, it is a fashionable cosmetic asset that will leave your skin perfect.

Niacinamide has anti-dark spots, anti-inflammatory properties, improves the texture and tone of skin and reduces fine lines.

Papaya extract

Papaya extract is the fruit of a tree that is cultivated in most countries with a tropical climate.

This is a highly appreciated product in cosmetics for its lightening, softening, moisturizing properties , regenerative and exfoliating.

Other components


Natural ingredient obtained from blackberries or blueberries.

Inhibits the activity of tyrosine, an enzyme that produces melanin.

Azelaic acid

Derived from rye, wheat and barley. It is one of the most powerful acids to depigment the skin and improve acne.

It has anti-inflammatory properties and is very effective on skin with rosacea.

Salicylic acid

Prevents and improves the appearance of blemishes, pimples and acne.

Ideal to control fat.

Willow extract

Natural extract that regenerates the skin, reduces blemishes, improves firmness and luminosity.

Citric acid

Cleanses the pores and keeps them closed.

Moisturizes, gives elasticity and improves the appearance of dark spots thanks to vitamin C.

Ascorbic acid

Also called vitamin C, it has antioxidant, lightening, healing and tightening properties.

More benefits, same price

Best of all,

we kept the price

- original - of the product.

We want to pamper you and make your daily routine an experience of comfort and well-being, without this implying spending more:
Helps to lighten spots and dark circles under the eyes. Evens out the natural tone. Controls excess oil. Prevents acne and dries out existing acne. Reactivates the luminous and youthful aspect of your skin.

New Image

We gather the essence of our facial line

and the - wonders - of this product

in a new concept.

Now our packaging has a more delicate, minimalist and fresh design >so that not only your skin, but also your spaces, look full of magic and sophistication

Application mode

Apply only at night and shake before use. Apply evenly in one direction without going over the already applied area.
STEP 1 Begin by washing your face very well.
  • Our Facial Cleansing Gel is ideal for all skin types. It is very effective on oily and acne-prone skin.
STEP 2 ➡ How to use for normal skin: The first five days, apply 10 drops to a moistened cotton ball. From the sixth day, do not moisten the cotton ball and increase by 2 drops each day, until reaching 24 drops and continue like this indefinitely. ➡ How to use for sensitive skin: The first five days, apply 5 drops to a moistened cotton ball. From the sixth day, do not moisten the cotton ball and increase by 2 drops each day, until reaching 15 drops and continue like this indefinitely. STEP 3 If you need to moisturize your skin, you should do it 20 minutes after applying the toner, with your favorite cream, oil or serum.


The next day, again, make sure you wash your face very well and apply enough sun protection.
  • We suggest our Anti-blemish sunscreen, which in addition to preventing the appearance of blemishes and protecting the skin from the sun, moisturizes, nourishes and prevents premature aging.
Careful! You should not apply the toner directly to your skin. Use a cotton ball.
To enhance the depigmentation and rejuvenation process, use during the day ☀ our Vitamin C 20% - Antioxidant facial serum, which also increases the firmness of the skin and generates a tensor effect..

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